MediLD Tablet Survey


Medi LD Tablet Survey App Commissioned by Reach we developed an Android Tablet application. Through this application survey participants could answera few questions and then immediately see whether or not the prices had fallen. All results were stored locally on the tablet and could later easily be transferred to a computer. Product Information

G-Star Product Selector for iPad

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G-Star Product selector iPad G-Star presents his denim collection with an iPad app. Users can easily filter by price, model and size and see whether the chosen jeans are in stock. The system communicates with the G-Star stock management system and performs automatic daily updates. Product Information

ASML All Employee Meeting


Custom mobile (webbased) application for ASML annual Employee meetings 2014, 2015, 2016. During the meeting (seminar with live worldwide videofeed) ASML employees could log in the application and ask questions, but also vote. Because the ASML employee meetings cover 8000 employees all around the world, the web application was hosted on a high performance server [...]