Omnitapps Promo VNU (Open the Safe)

Special built version of "Open jij de kluis" (Can you open the safe?) to get visitors to the booth. By filling in a possible code for the safe they can win a prize. The application was also for collecting visitor data. Product Information

Veja – Omnitapps Scan & Win

⋆⋆ solution Special solution for Veja's Shop traffic marketing. This is a ongoing project where Veja thinks out new idea's for generating shop traffic though Scan & Win projects, while collecting valuable customer data. Clients scan their customer card or receipt to take to start. After filling in personal data they get a rondomly picked [...]

Royal Canin Omnitapps Promo Scan & Win

Royal Canin uses this interactive touchscreen application to generate more traffic to the stand. Visitors to the Animal Event can try to “open the safe” with a unique code. After entering the code at the kiosk they instantly see whether they have won or not. Product Information

Ikea Omnitapps Promo Scan & Win

Custom Scan & Win solution for an Ikea store in Holland. They advertised in their local postal area resulting in thousands of people coming to the Ikea store to scan their barcode from the advertisement. Via a predefined database prizes were given via Scan & Win kiosks with built-in barcode scanner and coupon printer. Product [...]

Commascom Omnitapps Promo Scan & Win

Scan & Win solution in Shopping mall Hengelo, Eindhoven and Oosterhout (NL) During the action ‘Scan & Win’ in indoor Shopping center Hasselo (NL), you could win one of the 6.000 prizes or one of the 10 Hasselo shop funds worth € 50,-. The action ‘Scan & Win’ Will take place from Monday, August 31th [...]

Burstner Omnitapps Promo

Custom promo application for Burstner. With this application users fill in a code (from a leaflet) and their email address. Then the system gives away a small prize from a predefined database. Omnitapps Promo is ideal for getting more visitors to your booth or shop. Product Information