InHolland University Omnitapps Education Selector

Omnivision realized (together with PresTop) an education Selector for the Inholland university in the Netherlands. This selector allows students to easily search a study that suits them. The Education Selector app runs on three white EconomoyLine information kiosks of PresTop, equipped with 22 inch Samsung touchscreen and Privacy foil. Product Information

Omnitapps Selector Demo

Demo configuration that comes with our software solution called Omnitaps Selector. With Omnitapps Selector you can find a product or service fast and easy. You just select some filters where items that don't apply will disappear. This way you drill down to the correct product. From the product specification page you can show additional content [...]

Royal Canin Popup Store Selector


For Royal Canin we did deliver all software solutions for their Popup store in Amsterdam. We modiefied Omnitapps Composer to their needs. In the Popup store visitors could find everything about dog and cat food and health. With Omnitapps Composer visitors could play games, select the dog or cat that fits them most, lookup details [...]