Xdesign Omnitapps Mediaviewer Toolbar additions

For X-Design we created extra functionallity in Omnitapps Media Viewer. Extra (configurable) buttons were added to call other omnitapps applications, to call external application and to call a windows file explorer. X-Design uses this for their presentaion room. Product Information

Royal Canin Popup Store Selector


For Royal Canin we did deliver all software solutions for their Popup store in Amsterdam. We modiefied Omnitapps Composer to their needs. In the Popup store visitors could find everything about dog and cat food and health. With Omnitapps Composer visitors could play games, select the dog or cat that fits them most, lookup details [...]

Peter R de Vries Custom Presentation

For Peter R de Vries Crime Journalist we did some customization to Omnitapps Composer. This way Peter could present his crime cases on a large touchscreen during his TV program. Product Information

NXP Audiochip comparison demo

NXP semiconductor used a modified Omnitapps Composer version to show their audio chips for noise suppression capabillities. We added a new application to Omnitapps Composer where users could do a hearing comparence between their audio  processing chip and other audio chips. Product Information

NEC Showcase Omnitapps customized Wayfinding with NFC data

The 6th NEC Solutions Showcase will take place on the 14th and 15th May at The Velodrome, in the London Olympic Park. Omnivision Studios will be one of the Solution Partners providing the interactive wayfinding and digital brochure kiosks. For the first time, NFC technology will be used: visitors will carry a badge with an [...]

Johnson & Johnson Product Presentation

Johnson & Johnson Training Multi-touch solution for Johnson & Johnson Advanced Sterilization Products. To demonstrate and clarify the extended functions of the Sterrad 100NX Low Temperature Sterilization System, Johnson & Johnson uses this multi-touch solution. Multi-touch gestures can be used to zoom in on the device and to move, rotate and scale associated content. Using [...]