Natuurmonumenten 4 Player Educational Quiz

Quiz for a touch table. 4 players, one on each side. First comes a question, then anyone can enter an answer (multiple choice) then comes the right answer in the picture along with an explanation. In the end become the player with the most correct answers indicated. The application runs on a large touch table [...]

MediLD Tablet Survey


Medi LD Tablet Survey App Commissioned by Reach we developed an Android Tablet application. Through this application survey participants could answera few questions and then immediately see whether or not the prices had fallen. All results were stored locally on the tablet and could later easily be transferred to a computer. Product Information

Medicore booth presentation synced with lights control

For Medicore Omnivision developed a company- and product- information application where the video's in the presentation would control the RGB lighting on the booth. The application synced each video with predefined lighting schemes. Controlled by DMX protocol. Product Information

Mars Wrigley Taxi Notice

Wrigley uses our custom made application to display all inbound taxi's with their destination on a large display near the exit and waiting lobby. This way guests and employees can see which taxi will arrive with the idea to share the taxi. Updates are done by the receptionist via a Content Management System. Product Information [...]

Letairis Multi-user Experience

Fully custom application for Letairis to present some of their medicines. The application runs on a large touch table to be used up to 4 individual users. The application has animated charts and many other animated elements to enhance the experience. Product Information

KU Leuven Reception & Wayfinding

Customized Wayfinding Solution for KU Leuven University. With this Wayfinding application users can also make a phonecall directly from the application through VoIP. Product Information

Hotels van Oranje Event Countdown

For Hotels van Oranje we developed a coundown timer and background animation for their grand opening of a new building. When the countdown reached 00:00:00 a firework animation started playing. Product Information

Hospira 4 and 2 player Battle Quiz

2 player and 4 player Quiz game for Hospira. The game can be played with 2 to 4 people on a large touch table. First players register themselves. then the game starts showing the question, then the answers. The player who hits a button first may answer, if correct points are earned, if the answer [...]

Heineken Experience Amsterdam Bartender Certificate

For Heineken Experience in Amsterdam we created an application for the bar at the end of the tour. People are invited to become a draft master (bartenteder). With the pre-registration done on the application, the real draft-master from Heineken can easilly print-out a certificate. The application is for getting attention, registering and printing. Product Information [...]

Heineken Experience Amsterdam Bottle Your Own

Bottle Your Own Heineken Print your own text on a Heineken bottle. “Bottle your own Heineken” is a touch screen application that allows visitors to print a name / text on a Heineken beer bottle. The application runs on 12 information kiosks within Heineken Experience Amsterdam. Printing can be payed directly via CreditCard and is [...]